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Installation Services

If you believe, as we do, that proper presentation is what every fine art object deserves, then our installation services are just what you are looking for. Our professional experience includes everything from large scale sculpture placement to intricate detail challenged installations. We can provide solutions whether you have one artwork to display or many complex groups of works to place. Our safe and courteous teams will assist you in seeing your installation requirements through to stunning realization.

Our services have been utilized by museums, galleries, private residences, corporations and municipalities. These services include:

  • site-specific survey
  • customized analysis and review
  • two-staff teams or multi-staff crews
  • security hardware installation
  • rigging and fabrication assistance
  • collection relocation
Installing CrossingCrossing by Hubertus von der Goltz
Crossing, 2000
Artist: Hubertus von der Goltz
Installation on La Salle Plaza, La Salle St., Chicago, IL, U.S. A.
Installing Untitled by D. Hughes Untitled by Dorothy Hughes
Untitled, 2004
Artist:Dorothy Hughes
Mixed Media, 20 ' x 10'
Shure, Inc., Niles, IL, U.S.A