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Custom Packaging and Crating

The safety and security of your artwork, while in transit, is the focus of our Crating and Packing Department. Our crates are built by skilled craftspeople with years of cumulative handling experience. Each crate is designed and constructed with the safe travel of the art object in mind. Our crating and packing methods are of the highest quality, utilizing the most advanced methods and materials - appropriate for both the object and the client requirements. Whether your artifact needs to travel across the country or across the globe, you can be assured that every crate is custom built. We offer a full array of packing options, Domestic and EU Compliant crates including those shown below.   Crate staff at ICON

domestic one-way crate   Domestic One-Way Crates

This crate is designed with the greatest amount of safety in mind – while being balanced with the highest level of economy. Each object is assessed individually and then custom packed for maximum protection into a no frills container, suitable for the safe domestic transfer of your one-way shipment.
  Round Trip Crates

Our round trip crate is suitable for re-use and designed for maximum safety, strength and durability of construction.
  Traveling Exhibitions and Museum Quality Crates

Designed for multiple or single works, this crate features double-sided waterproof MDO, plywood facing, full batten construction, bolt plates, gasket-sealed lids, handles, tray-packs and forklift skids. The crate interior has custom foam padding with waterproofing protection. You may also elect to have your crate custom painted. This crate is designed for ease in repacking and with maximum safety and security in mind.
skeletal crate   Skeletal Crates

Designed to protect artwork during transport or storage in the most basic container, this crate is often selected for an object with an unusual shape, dimension or weight. The crate is constructed with a platform bottom and dimensional lumber sides and top, with additional bracing as needed. Our ‘Travel Frame’ is selected when an especially fragile or high-value, two-dimensional work will not allow for material to come in contact with the art object.